theo, the most self-willed brand of designer glasses


theo loves you!

Company Overview

There are big commercial mainstream brands and there are labels who try their very best not to become too commercial. A brand where wilfulness and exclusiveness prevails. Like the Belgian successful eyewear brand theo. In spite of this manoeuvre as an underdog, the brand is prospering. theo is known internationally for its distinctive designs which are available in the most beautiful and trendsetting shops in the world. The many prizes theo has won, show that the theo approach is not a bad one.

theo loves you

More than 20 years ago Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, both opticians with their own store, had had enough of the mainstream glasses that they were selling. So they decided to launch a collection themselves under the name theo, an anagram of Hoet. They started with the motto: "do not just see better – also look better". For them spectacles are not just an optical aid; they are a fully-fledged accessory.
theo currently has about 1500 sales outlets worldwide spread over more than 50 countries. theo never deviated from its initial aim: innovative design by applying new techniques, sometimes never before used in the sector. theo is still a family company but with an international flair. theo is fun, innovative and stands for quality.