Dr. Bill Henderson

Optometrist & Owner

William Thomas Henderson, II, was born and raised in Four Oaks, North Carolina. "Dr. Bill", as he came to be known, attended Atlantic Christian College, now Barton College, in Wilson, NC. Bill was accepted early into the Doctor of Optometry program at Southern College of Optometry after just 3 years of undergrad. Upon completing his education, Dr. Bill left Memphis, TN for Dallas, TX.

Once in Dallas, Bill jumped into big city life and enjoyed all Dallas had to offer. He played in the Dallas Independent Volleyball Association for many years and volunteered At Legacy Counseling Center. Dr. Bill worked in many different optometric practices around Dallas. He has now found great pleasure and personal satisfaction in opening Uptown Vision. No more chain offices.

From participating in the design of the space, to providing proper medical care and the perfect frame for his patients, Dr. Bill is now able to utilize all aspects of his talents. Dr. Henderson focuses on therapeuthic optometry, though he is also certified as a glaucoma specialist. His dedication to service has garned him recognition among his peers by the community, being selected as "Best Optometrist" by the Dallas Voice for several years.

Bill shares his life with his husband, Dr Nick Bellos, a local infectious disease physician. They have two children, a daughter Aryn and a son Bryce; both are in college.

More About Bill:

  • loves tennis and volleyball
  • hates to read…….anything
  • an avid TV watcher
  • not a vegetable fan
  • enjoys disco and show tunes….go figure
  • shares his home with his family and 5 dogs
  • would choose a trip to the beach anytime over any other destination
  • is a white knuckle flyer
  • enjoys a good red wine
  • loves spending time with his husband
Dr. Bill Henderson is the owner of Uptown Vision. He's served Dallas since 2001.

Bill Henderson, O.D.